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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  February 11, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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you know, they will stick around for a while because the temperatures are still pretty cold out there. guess if there is any food news, the snow is out of here. we are still dealing with some winds. that is a look at old town alexandria. we are glad you are with us for fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. we have plenty to cover once again today. the federal government and most school districts are closed again today. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is ask being the president to declare a medicine rail emergency now in d.c. >> on metro, above-ground stations remain closed. underground stations are beginning to operate. right now at 5:00, metrobus and metro access service has been canceled. the d.c. circulator will resume limited service to o. two routes beginning at 10:00 this morning. you can go to our web site,, for the latest updates. not expecting any miracles but it is nice to not see
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anything falling from the sky this morning. >> i got to tell you. for all of us, it has been a long run. we have quiet conditions today and not just today but tomorrow and saturday which will allow for the digging out, the cleaning up. i do think in some areas they've done a very good job considering how much snow came down yesterday. let's take awe look at what is happening right now. temperature not too bad. it is 31 degrees at reagan national airport. relative humidity, 51%. so the atmosphere is drier now in the wake of yesterday's storms. winds are out of the northwest 18 miles per hour. they will gusto indicationally. you will still find some of the snow that has land ped already blowing around. we won't have any snowfall today so there will be no blowing snow or blizzard conditions. some of the snow on the ground will be blowing around today. it wi feel rather blustery if you are walking around out there.
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satellite-radar, there is your storm system. say bye-bye. it is off the coast. almost has tropical characteristics to it. pretty tightly wound system. a deep area of low pressure. still some precipitation just off the coast and then it goes bye-bye. the forecast for today, not bad. mostly sunny. i misspoke earlier. i said when youened a were talking, i said i think our highs will only be in the mid- 30s. 36 in baltimore. 35 in chantilly. not a bad day at all. >> now, are we going to talk a little bit later about the possibility of more snow? >> yeah. yes, we will. >> not for a few more days. >> not for a few days. we'll be fine for a few days. >> we don't have to hear about it for while. let's check in with julie wright. >> you guys really just don't want me to be part of this show anymore, do you? they're like we just can't get rid of her.
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>> no, we want you here. we want you to be prepared. >> oh, my goodness. well, i want you to be prepared on the roads this morning. these guys have been showing us what it looks like out there on the highway. sarah simmons reporting live out there in silver spring. for the most part, the roads like colesville avenue, 355, for the most part have been treated and you can see pavement. you may not have all three lanes available to you. you may only have two and in some areas one but we do have some pavement out there. across the 14th street bridge, we do have the lanes open. an incident tying up the right side so be careful as you is cross over the potomac headed into d.c. in some areas, we are losing the left or right side. it does drop out because of snow. the hov lanes, they remain closed. they are snow covered so the hov lanes remain closed between dumfries and the 14th street bridge. get the crews out there and have time to clear those. a number of our side streets have yet to see a plow.
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that is causing some problems on the neighborhood streets and trying to make your way out to the major arteries. this is a live shot of 270. we will find some pavement here and there. you got to take it easy. ramps and bridges a little bit more narrow than what you are used to. traveling up in frederick, a number of streets impassable at this point. 340, 28, westbod i-70 still blocked off at i-40 because it is snow covered and the plow can't get throughout to start clearing the snow off the highway. that will be shut down until further notice. all of those are impassable out of frederick at this time. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. clean-up is under way from this latest round of winter weather. we saw record-setting snowfall across the area. >> in the meantime, several streets still have not been plowed and it might be that way for a while. sarah simmons continues our team coverage from silver spring with a look at what is happening there. much better than yesterday.
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>> it certainly is. >> reporter: we can see pavement too and the parking lot where we spent all day yesterday and we're here again today, if you take a look at it, yesterday, it was coming and going. a plow was coming through. can you see pavement here although it is probably slick. we can see some icy spots out here but, if people needed to, they could park here. as for the intersection at colesville and georgia avenue, it too appears to have been treated. it is clear and appears to be pavement there as well. so that is also good news. drivers that are news is for already exhausted. if you take a look at some video, our ona own wisdom martin rode around with a plow driver last night. they have been working 12-hour shifts since friday when the first storm came through. many of them are exhausted. many of them are trying to get the equipment to work to keep up with all of this. some plow drivers getting stuck themselves, having to wait to get pulled out. it is a treacherous situation
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for them as well but a lot of people, a lot of neighborhoods, they are starting to get stir crazy and wishing a plow would come through. >> it is very frustrating, back- breaking, hard work trying to help all the neighbors get in and out of the neighborhood. >> pretty frustrating. can't get nowhere. you got to stay home every day. hopefully, they'll be through soon so we could move o. >> reporter: here is what is even more frustrating. even though the storm is over, local officials are asking people not to go out there on the roadways. plows are still trying to get into the residential neighborhood. if people are out on the streets, it will make it more difficult to do. in montgomery county, if you take a look at the map there on their web site, it gives you an idea how far they have gone but it shows they still have a long
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way to go before effect is clear. back to you, steve and gurvir. >> thank you. crews are on the road, on ladders or climbing poles trying to restore power to those who need it. the numbers have dropped from yesterday. pepco reporting about 1900 outages. bge with about the same number. dominion virginia with less than # hundred outage this is morning as they continue to work overnight to try to restore power. when your power is out, this is a sight for sore eyes, the pepco truck winding its way down your street getting to your home. >> we still haven't had power since last saturday morning. the back-to-back storms could carry a high price tag. one insurance company is comparing this snow to i round of storms in 19836789 those cost an estimate one billion dollars in property damage and lost profits. a lot of business owners are feeling the pin of days without customers. still more ahead on fox 5 morning news. a reminder if you are heading today airport today, reagan
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national, dulles and bwi marshall are preparing for arrivals and departures today but it will likely be late morning or afternoon before we see more regular traffic there. airport officials say it will take at least eye full day to get back to regular flight schedules an you are encouraged to call the airline before you head out to the airport. you're watching fox 5 morning news. dreams are amazing things. and in hard times, sometimes, a belief in a dream, a belief in what is possible - can transform everything. at at&t, we've never forgotten that our company began in a small laboratory, with a dream and a belief, in the future. today, our wired and wireless high speed internet netwos are connecting small businesses across america - in cities and small towns - to markets around the world. we know that investment in
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among the stories making headlines this morning, honda is expanding a recall that it first announced in 2008. the automaker warning drivers about possible problems with the driver's side air bag. the company says the bags can deploy with too much pressure causing injury or even killing the driver. here are the models affected. the 2001 and 2002 model year accords, civic, odyssey, crv, pilot and the acura tl and acura cl models. that is about 437,000 vehicles affected by that recall. police in tennessee are trying to figure out why a school teacher allegedly shot a principal at an elementary school. 48-year-old mark foster was arrested and charged with attempted murder after authorities say he opened fire on school grounds in knoxville. the principal is recovering in the hospital this morning.
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no children were there at the time because the school had closed early because of snow and freezing rain. the international space station will soon have a new room with a view thanks to the work of the shuttle endeavour crew. one of nasa's last missions to the staying is to install a new observation deck. the crew takes its first three spacewalks tonight. the technical problems have been taking some attention away from from that mission. there are issues with the space station's water recycling system and on the shuttle, a ceramic spacer near a cockpit window is sticking out and there is a failed thermal tile. nasa says it is still to early to know whether an additional sidewalk will be needed to make the repairs they need to do. still more ahead on fox 5 morning news. tony is continuing to check our forecast as we are seeing changes and changes for the better this time, tony. >> yeah. i don't have all the papers that i had yesterday. things are calmer. we'll talk about the records that have been set by this most recent snowfall. we'll have all of that and more. julie wright will be along with a look at traffic.
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stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. the digout continues. i have astigmatism.
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welcome back. 5:15. pretty early out there but this person says just can't wait. they are trying to shovel their way out apparently of their sidewalk in front of their home possibly or a business. this is old town alexandria and look at the mounds of snow there, not going anywhere any time soon. >> we have drifted right here in front of our station that have to be least 10 feet high. >> it is surreal, isn't it? >> it is. >> it doesn't look like anything i've ever even before. >> hopefully, most of the schools are closed and everything. this would be a day. i think if many of these -- if
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schools and businesses, not businesses but restaurants and stuff to be open. but if we had the next cup of days to just sit back and let them clean up, do the best they could do and just go out and enjoy the sights. >> a looked out the hotel window yesterday over wisconsin avenue. the wind was blowing and the snow was blowing and it just looked like something out of a movie. >> yeah, yeah. >> i was driving up wisconsin avenue and i had some different thoughts in my head yesterday. >> you can't really share those. >> is it going to warm up a little bit so people can maybe get some of the streets cleared today. >> by warm up, our temperatures won't be normal or above normal but we'll add a couple of dabs onto -- degree onto what we've been having. let me concentrate on what is going on hre. reagan national, this two-day snowfall, 10.8 inches. we so happy with the snowfall totals right where we new
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thought they would be. that sets a new seasonal snowfall record for reagan national at 55.9 inches qh breaks the fire chief all-time seasonal snowfall record of 54.4 inches. so we've had 5 # 52 inches of snow. dulles, records only go back 48 years whereas the records for d.c. go back to the 1800s. dulles airport, we got 11.5 inches yesterday. we have now had 75 inches of snow which beats the old record of 63 inches which was set a couple of days ago. that beat the previous record set in 1995. bwi marshal, 19.5 inches. the seasonal snowfall total now 79.9-inch, obliterating the old record of 62.5 inches. this is just incredible, folk. we have not had a winter like
5:20 am
this ever obviously with these new records. now, let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. not that bad, i'm telling you. it is windy. that doesn't help p i stepped outside and my first thought was it feels okay. 31degrees is your current temperature. 27 at gaithersburg. it is all relative, isn't it in. 30 in leonardtown. baltimore, 28. winchester at 28 degrees. now, we do have some win. they are blowing it around 15, 16, 17 miles per hour but they are gusting up to 26 miles per hour in d.c. right now. 37-mile per hour wind gusts at gaithersburg. that is still significant. that will give you a pretty bitter wind chill and that will still blow the snow around. we do expect very gradually during the course of the day for those winds to die down. satellite-radar picture for the region, you will like it. there are a few clouds in over us this morning but i think we'll see a pretty sunrise, precipitation has moved out an we will be precip-free for a few days. forecast for washington for
5:21 am
today looks like this. mostly sunny, still breezy. 36 for your high. that is pretty good. wind out of the northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour gusting up to 30 miles per hour. five-day forecast, thursday, friday, saturday, the sun is strong this time of year. even though the temperatures are well below normal, we will get some melting under way during the daytime hours. some clouds work their way in here. chance of some snow showers sunday and president's day on monday. now, let's go to julie wright and get an update on traffic. julie, may i say to you you have been marvelous the past several days. very nice work. >> thank you so much and to all of you. on the roads right now, in different areas, we are seeing pavement in some areas and in some areas, not so much. we have been cleared here shoulder to shoulder but we are following tracks of the person in front of you where you will lose the right or left side of the highway but again, this is what we are seeing here along connecticut avenue at 410. still a little light dusting of
5:22 am
snow and that is very slippery. do keep that in mind. if you are traveling downtown, i think somebody just switched our camera on us. wisconsin avenue at calvert street, this is what we are noticing here. it is hard to see it but trust me, this is chunks of snow that your tires are just traveling in between and that is how we're describing t that means it will be difficult to change lanes and make your turns. so in some areas, we are down to pavement as we've been showing you around the area and other maces, this is what you are waking up to, nice thick chunks of snow. and when the plows push this up to the side, it make it very difficult for you to see oncoming traffic and pedestrians. you got to inch out cautiously this morning when you are making your way out and about. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> it seems like days on end that crews have been trying to stay ahead of these storms. >> you and your neighbors have been trying to do the same thingcertainly. sherry ly is live in alexandria with concerns in one particular neighborhood. sherry, we saw somebody out
5:23 am
just a couple of minutes ago shoveling. it is only not even 5:30. >> reporter: yeah, they're eager, i guess, to get that snow out of the way and a lot of of the businesses down here have been closed foa couple of days with all this snow. so you know, it is probably a big thing for them to get out here, shovel it all out an hopefully get back open for business. in alexandria here, the neighborhood really is just snowed in and there is nowhere for all the snow to go. we did see a plow way down the street here. i don't know if can you still see it hauling out more snow and on t side streets, it is still just a huge mess. cars are covered and n. a wall of snow in need of shoveling out. at this point, they need a lot more than just a plow. they have front end loaders that are coming into the neighborhoods and treats piling up the snow, picking it up and putting it into dump truck after dump truck and it is being hauled away to the city lot. it is casting work for the crews which have been working 1
5:24 am
and 16-hour days through the storm and new in the aftermath. >> i've been doing this for 22 years. this is probably one. worst storms i've ever been in. today, i probably done put about 30 loads in here. >> how many of big scoops es it take to fill a truck. >> around six to seven big scoops. >> neighbors called alexandria city and they are doing the best they can. >> reporter: in some of the neighborhoods, people have just gotten tired of waiting for the road crews. they are out taking care of the snow themselves in the streets as well as their own sidewalks. i-395 and 9 5rbg the hov lanes remain closed for snow clearing today. v-d.o.t. says they've brought in 200 more pieces to add to the 2,000 they have on the stree they are trying to clear the snow. some of that equipment is getting into neighborhoods but if it is needed on the main roads, they will have to move
5:25 am
it back there and get to the subdivisions when they can. sherrily, fox 5 news. we'll have more after the break. [ female announcer ] why is travel these days about what you give up and not what you get? like electricity, for gadget power at your seat. room to stretch your legs... and your wingspan. food when you're hungry... and taking off your shoes only if you feel like it. these aren't luxuries, they're basics. get them back on acela. [ male announcer ] amtrak guest rewards members, take three roundtrips on acela anget one free. details on
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want to say thank you this morning to our viewers who have been helping us tell the story of this storm through our web site, and you're continuing to do that especially some places where our crews can't get. >> we want to tell you about two easy ways that you can show us what is happening in your neighborhood. wave been talking about it this week. check out some great images that other viewers are ending. >> first, can you stream live video to our web site or watch
5:28 am
other people's live streams by going to our home page and finding your live snow video tab. this is coming to us fr frederick, maryland near fort dietrich. >> second thing can you do is upload weather videos you have shot just like this one. you will have to register. just takes a second though and tts free to register. this is video of d.c. council member kwame brown on a small front loader on some of the streets pitching in to try to help. there are links to awful these options on-line. many more right on the home page. there is the councilman. go to the many page of >> and we have much more ahead of this latest round of winter weather after the break. i think we are getting a little bit of a break. we'll be back. host: could switching to geico really save you
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we take a live look outside and there is a sight for sore eyes, some pavement on some of the streets around the area. still need to be extra careful out there but i is getting better, folks. as we check the latest blizzard headlines, is federal government closed once again today. most school districts also closed again today and s we mentioned, metro only underground today and that started running about 30 minutes ago at 5:00. >> metrobus and metro access service has been canceled. the d.c. circulator will resume limited service on two routes. the montgomery county ride-on and fairfax connector and alexandria dash all have no
5:32 am
service today. so we're continuing to follow up on the blizzard and find out what the next step is and it is nice to have something a little more positive to talk about, isn't it? >> here was we could find out in terms of hopings and closings. are chuck e cheeses opening today? >> even the youngsters are getting tired of the snow. >> oh, sure. if they do open, they better have extra help on hand. the kids will be wired. >> one nice thing i noticed this morning that the winds are not like they were yesterday. >> no, thank goodness. it is still rather breezy out there and they will still gust a little bit i think during the first half of the day but not like the 45-mile per hour wind gusts we saw yesterday. we did see a gust over 30 miles per hour relatively recently this morning. so we've got to deal with it and it will get better as the day progresses. 31degrees at reagan national airport. that was about our high
5:33 am
yesterday. dulles international, 30 degrees. bwi marshall is at 28 degrees at this hour. here is your satellite-radar composite for the region. and what we are seeing is -- this goes back -- a little scary at first. i was like no. we'll put it into motion. this is your snowstorm. bye-bye! there it went. it is off the coast now moving towards europe. >> go on! >> keep going. we do have clouds in over us, breezy conditions but we'll see a left sunshine today. here is your forecast for washington for today, mostly sunny, still breezy. 36degrees for your high. that is a look at the weather. more is coming up in just a little bit. >> our executive producer, matt, his daughter wanted to ask tucker. she said i'm tired of this winter weather and i want some sunshine. he promised sunshine. >> once you promise the kids, have you to deliver. >> you don't want to know hat
5:34 am
julie wright has been asking for. >> they can't deliver on that just yet. >> tuck her tells me, okay, i'm deliver but not until june. good things come to those who wait. a lot of you have been waiting to get out and start digging and shoveling and that is what we're finding out on the roads this morning some. areas, the plows have come through. you got some pavement to follow. that is a good thing. other areas, you are likely to lose a lane or two because it is still under snow. this is the beltway at 202. some areas where you normally have four to three lanes of travel, today, you will only have two, maybe one as the crews continue to clear you out. on the beltway, the right side of the road stilsnow covered actually lot of areas, we are getting reports of black ice where a plow has come through p you may think that it is just wet. it is icy. do keep that in mind. and again, mounds of snow at the intersections as you try to make the left and the right hand turns getting into parking lots, getting into parking garages. that is going to be quite tricky for you until those crews can continue that clean- up so do keep that in mind and with the big mounds of snow, it
5:35 am
will be difficult for to you inch your way through some of the intersections. you won't be able to see pedestrians crossing the street. a lot of the pedestrians are still walking in the streets because the sidewalks have not been touched. by comparison, this is wisconsin avenue down at calvert. a lot of tracks that you are following. chunky snow built up underneath the tires. a lot of folks just spinning their wheels once they get onto this kind of pavement because again we are still waiting to see a plow come through and give you some pavement to follow. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. certainly today with the temperatures warming up a little bit and the sunshine, we'll get a chance to get out and assess the damage from this latest winter blast. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is ask the president to declare a federal emergency for the district. that money will help d.c. recover from record snowfall. delegate says it is necessary after three days of federal and local governments being shut down. she says metro is in that same situation. we have team coverage for you this morning. let's get to holly morris live
5:36 am
once again in dupont circle. holly? >> reporter: good morning. it looks pretty good here. we are watching an interesting situation develop but it's testament to how much better it is today. in the building off the circle here, you can see that the smoke alarm is going off. you can see the lights flashing and we can actually hear at large. but we just saw a fire truck pull up and i think they are just ccking it out. doesn't look to an a major situation but the thing that really stood out in my mind is that the fire truck was able to easily go around the circle and pull up there. you can see the end of the fire truck parked there. yesterday, we talked with chief reuben who came out and met us here at the due pond circle location. he was talking about how difficult it was for the equipment to get around and has been over the course of the last several days because of the side streets and all the snow and everything. so this is a sign that things are a little better as far as street conditions especially here in the dupont circle area. can you see the pavement on the
5:37 am
circle definitely. and though they were asking for everybody to stay inside yesterday, not necessarily e case in dupont circle in the middle of the day. people were out and about. they are weren't driving but you did see a left different people pulling out their snow equipment. they were on skis. of course, there was that facebook arranged snowball fight that went on in dupont circle yesterday which was a big hit. this is a very walkable neighborhood so a lot of people were getting out and a lot of the different establishments were open so they were coming out an getting coffee and getting something to eat and making best of a blizzard situation. best news is hopefully things are getting back to normal bit by bit today. let's check in with sarah simmons live in silver spring to see what kind of normalcy we can find there. >> reporter: well, it is starting to get back to normal. not quite there yet, holly but i can tell you the word of the day here and pretty much
5:38 am
everywhere is shoveling. we found some crews shoveling back here behind us here on the other side of colesville road i think it is the same guys that were out here shoveling through outthe stm here yesterday and they are back out here again today. that is what folks are going to be doing with their snow blowers, their shovels. they are also hoping that the snow plows are going to be back in their neighborhoods as well. it appears as though the snow plows have been out and been able to treat the roads. it is pretty clear at the intersection of colesville and georgia avenue. of course, the residential streets, that is a different story. the other thing you are going to notice iyou are out there clearing off your sidewalks and the streets around your home is going to be the wind. you can see it even if we look at the tree over here to the left, max, if you want to take a look at that, the win is just really whipping around a little bit. not like it was yesterday but definitely it has picked up even as we have been out here a little bit gusting here and there. i'm he feeling it right now actually. keep that in mind if you are outside today.
5:39 am
bund up again because it will still be a little bit windy. you won't see the snow blowing around quite as muchf you are in a nehborhood but it will be a chilly one out there today. back to you guys. >> we'll take a short break. we're back with more fox 5 morning news right after this. [ yawns ] having sweet dreams about the mouthwatering taste of chocolate? then hurry into dunkin' donuts and let those chocolate cravings just melt away with our delicious new white chocolate lattes or triple chocolate muffins and donuts. enjoy rich chocolate flavor at a value that's downright sweet.
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we take a look outside at 395 near seminary road and starting to see traffic pick up a little bit out there. the good news is we can see 395
5:42 am
this morning. not perfect conditions by any means but at least slightly better than what we've seen if the last few days. we're getting there, folks. >> making headline, ten u.s. missionaries detained on kidnapping charges in haiti could be released as soon as today. authorities claim they tried to kidnap children out of the earthquake zone. they were stopped back in january as they crossed haiti's border into the dominican republic. a haitian judge is expected to make his ruling today as to whether or not they should face trial. >> he quit congress when he said it was no longer fun. the former congressman died yesterday in texas. charlie wilson was known as a back room deal maker. he helped fund afghan fighters in the 1980s. that was the focus of charlie wilson's war starring thosm hanks. the 14-game winning streak of washington capitals has come to n end. they fell last night 6-5 in ocaps fell three ones shrt
5:43 am
of tying the all-time nhl record of 17 straight victorys set by the penguins in back in 1993. cota we continue our team coverage of the storm. >> let's check in with sherry ly. >> reporter: in the aftermath of this storm, today is the big digout. you can see there is still plenty of snow on the ground out here in alexandria. what to do with it all? we'll show you, coming up.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
turn the lights on and it looks like the holidays all over again down in alexandria. a beautiful sight right there. unfortunately, some people still don't have power. this morning, there were fears that we will be hit with major outages after the blizzard yesterday. thankfully, that has not panned out so much. a lot of the power companies are able to keep face i can't all major power companies in our area reporting fewer outages than even before yesterday's storm. >> amazing they were able to work through that yesterday. >> we want to let you know what is going on at the airports this morning. reagan and dulles still up in
5:47 am
the air, so to speak, about when they will open. we are trying to show you what the storm as done in places we weren't able to get to in the past week. we have been limited in our travels just as you v so here was it looked like in sterling, virginia at the height of the blizzard yesterday. just some pictures there. and a l of these are things that we were able to pick up. some of them, things that you've been able to send us from home. check out how big of the drifts are there and the hearty folks who ventured out in that. >> it really was string in the day late yesterday as the wind started to howl and blow the snow that was already on the ground. >> tuck are and i were on the air for 10 hours yesterday, talking about it, showing the pictures. we would peek outside. at the end of the day, put my coat and hat on and everything to go out, step outside, i was like oh, my goodness. even with ten hours of coverage -- >> until you step into it -- >> right. >> someone said to me, you
5:48 am
know, tv is great. your coverage is great but it doesn't do justice to what is going on out there. it really doesn't. not until you are out there in it, it is like this is crazy. freezing yesterday. now, for us, from the weather perspective, very cool to see because we don't see this very often but man, it was brutal. much better today. >> that is the good news. we'll take it. >> i'll start by showing you the temperatures. already we're getting off to a better start although our temperature right now is what it was yesterday at this time. yesterday, we started taking that tumble down the thermometer. in the pan of a few showers we went from # 1 to 23-degree very wickly. that will not happen today. baltimore is at 28. hagerstown, you are you are at 29 degrees there. in leonardtown, it is 30. in cambridge, maryland, it is 32 degrees. winds, they do continue to be a part of the story for now.
5:49 am
they will very gradually die down during the course of the day but it will still be breezy. it will give you some wind chills. sustained winds, 12 miles per hour in washington. that is not particularly fast but it is enough. 22-mile per hour winds in patuxent. ocean city, 22-mile per hour wind there. the farther away the better are, because that system still pulling out. factor in the wind. here is what it feels lying to your skin with our wind chills. it feels like 22 degrees so that is cold but again, yesterday morning, our actual air temperature was # 2 degrees at one point. now, let's take a look at the satellite-radar. we do have some clouds in over us this morning but we are not expecting any precipitation. really, nothing to make any precipitation happen. there is your big storm system. say your final good-byes to that. pretty deep area of low pressure. look at the winds. look at the spin in the atmosphere. still some rain off the coast of the northeastern part of the united states. but we've got some clouds. i think the sun will burn some of that up and we'll see a good
5:50 am
amount of sunshine for today. so the forecast for washington for today looks like this. mostly sunny, still breezy. high about 36 degrees. those winds out of the northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour. five-day forecast, let's enjoy it. let's clean up, get the i had kids out, play in the snow. we have agot a couple of quiet days today, friday, and saturday. we do have clouds building in on saturday. yes, there is the potential for more snow. right now, we do not believe significant snow but we'll have to keep our eyes on it. and perhaps our definition of significant snow has changed. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get to julie wright and find out what has happened with traffic. >> i was going to say, where i come from, one to three inches is significant snow. >> that was true for us up until this week, i think. >> now, i can get through anything. bring on the tundra. >> toughened us up. >> just kidding. don't bring on the tundra.
5:51 am
just kidding. this is 355 in rockville. this is coming from congressional plaza as you work your way past the dunkin donuts -- you can tell i'm hungry and head out to montreal close road, one side of the road, the southbound side looks like it is mainly just wet but be careful. we are having reports of black ice. you lose the left lane just a bit. we are seeing pavement. on the northbound side, however, it is that chunky snow that is still accumulating between the lanes there that makes it diffict to switch lanes. it also make it difficult to make a left or right hand turn. not seeing too many people out on the roads this morning but i will say this. i am seeing more people than i saw yesterday morning. so do keep that in mind. this is a great shot of seminary road as it crosses over 395-6789 a lot of 395 has been cleared. you can see some pavement but the right turn lanes, the left turn lanes, these areas here in the middle of the inner section, we still have alet of snow piled up there. outer loop of the beltway, car spun out at the wilson bridge in the through lanes on the right side striking the guard
5:52 am
rail. westbound 70 as you approach alternate 40 up in frederick, that intersection is still blocked off. we're told it is very difficult for plows to get up there and start getting to the snow. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. i think today might be a good day to get out thrnd ary to get dug out. >> the good news is the sun will help melt a little bit so some of what has been ice will be a little slushier so it might be easier to move. might still be a few days before they get to the side streets. sherry is in old town alexandria this morning and keeping an eye on how it looks this morning. >> reporter: well, so far, things are looking good as far as king street is. can you see a front end loader went back behind me. they are out here working hard. we've seen several dump trucks go by us. you can see some pavement here on king street but there are still a lot of patches of snow on the ground here and, as we walk over here to one of the side streets, can you see this
5:53 am
has not been cleared nearly as well. there is nowhere to put all the snow. they are piling opportunity on the sides before they haul it away and these piles just seem to get big and bigger. now, on the side streets, once you get off the main roads, people are still trudging through thick snow, really plowing is not justify at this point. they've got front end loaders coming in piling up the snow, putting it into dump truck after dump truck and haul ago with a their frozen cargo to city lots. now crews have been working around the clock trying to get rid of all the snow. they are getting to the side streets but some folks are tired of waiting for the road crews. they are clearing it out themselves. >> we haven't seen a plow in the front of hourous since the first big snowfall. >> i understand. there is no place to put the snow and like here, if you've got cars on one side of the street, what do you do kind of thing? >> i've been doing this for 22 years and this is probably one of the worst storms i've ever been in. >> reporr: that city lot
5:54 am
where they are hauling all that snow to, well, it is full of school buss that are also snowed in and will need to be dug out as well. v-d.o.t. is doing the best that they can. in fact, they told us they have brought in 200 pieces of heavy equipment from other areas of the state because the fact is those four by four pickups they use in a lot of the subdivisions is just not good enough. those are usually used for four to six inches of snow. we have a lot more than that. they are getting the heavy equipment into neighborhoods as best they can but folks will have to be patient. sherry ly, fox 5 news. back to you. >> thank you. you can get out and enjoy a snow ball fight with this. certainly a big one. >> with some of our friends involved. that's a shot. 
5:55 am
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what better way to beat your winter blues than a good old-fashioned snow ball fight. check it out. cowboy out there in the snow. even dave feldman taking a little cover behind a guy in that hat. feldy says he got hit in the face a lot but still had a lot of fun. >> he is showing off some moves. there is our man dave ross commandeering the sneak attack against dave feldman. having some fun in the snow in dupont circle. >> we'll take a break. we'll see you at the top of the hour at 6:00.
5:58 am
good luck, feldy. 
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